Finishing touches
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The Gold Leaf Touch

Pulling concepts and content together to give your project that extra polish takes your project from good to great. Our team of professionals provides a full range of services to help you consistently present a professional image. Whether you are preparing a technical document, newsletter, or website, Gold Leaf can help you take your business to the next level.

Graphic Design

When clean and professional graphics at reasonable rates are important, our experienced graphic designers work closely with your team to provide the right level of design to meet your project needs and budget. From maps and technical illustrations to handouts, posters, booklets, and websites, our creative team is here to help. (visit our Portfolio)


We have the experience necessary to create a wide range of maps and diagrams for multiple industries. Our CAD team can address issues as simple as updating existing drawings or as complex as preparing as-built drawings or diagrams. We offer cost-effective CAD services to meet your specific project needs.


Preparing documents with input from one or more sources is only the first step in preparing high-quality documents. Our skilled writers and editors review every document to ensure that it is not only grammatically and technically correct, but consistent and well written. Whether you need a writer to prepare content or an editor to review content you prepared, Gold Leaf can provide expertise across most industries, from scientific, medical, and technical subjects to nonprofit newsletters and fundraising or marketing materials.

Desktop Publishing

From documents based on an existing template to a customized eye-catching layout, our publishing team can pull all the content together and provide a professional–looking document tailored to your business. We even build the table of contents and compile acronyms, abbreviations, and citations as needed to make each document as user-friendly as possible.

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